Thursday, February 24, 2011

12 Miles and a Mishap...

I had the best run today. Finally got a long run in after about 3 weeks of an annoying cold.

We're so lucky to have Lake of the Woods in our little town to take advantage of. The running trails help me switch it up from my usual neighborhood runs.

After three cups of coffee to get going this morning, I had to make a pit stop about a mile in. I ran into the bathroom, my iPod blaring in my ears, oblivious to anything else in the world. I pushed open the door of a stall which...was already occupied.

I screamed, she screamed, and to top that off, the floor was wet so even though I had stopped, I skidded pretty much the whole way into the stall before I could stop myself. Luckily, she was fully clothed and I didn't fall on my butt.

I apologized like crazy, be both started laughing, and the embarrassing moment was over. Except every time we met up on the trail of course, when I would awkwardly wave and feel stupid.

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