Monday, February 21, 2011

Mat Man!

I got a call from Lukas' preschool teacher last week, which normally would make me nervous. He's the kid that you just never know what might come out of his mouth, or who he might try his kung fu moves on next.

But she actually was calling to tell me what a great job he did. Apparently they spent some time talking about "Mat Man" and made a person on the floor using shapes, mats, blocks, etc. Then they had to sit down and draw him on their own. Here's what his looks like....

She was so proud of him because I guess he was the only one to complete the picture and it actually really resembled a man! According to her, it is a "kindergarten milestone". We were pretty proud of him, too. I told her that hanging out with his older sister is paying off! He follows her around and they read, draw, and play school constantly. 

And you should have seen the look on his face when I told him at dinner that his teacher called to talk to me after school! He was nervous for a few minutes. :)

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