Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stupid Sensors

It's sensor change day at our house. I hate this day.

It means having to jab a huge needle (see below) into Leah so we can embed a little sensor in her behind and continuously get a blood sugar reading from her pump. I've put a Hershey kiss next to it to give some perspective on the size (and because she totally deserves lots of Hershey's kisses for going through this).

The sensor is a great tool to watch blood sugar trends and see how food, activity, and other things affect her blood sugar. We can always see which direction her blood sugar is headed, and act more quickly than if we were doing finger pricks alone every few hours. But she's six. And has to be jabbed with a super huge needle once a week in order for us to get this information. I'm not quite sure how she does it.

There's never any tears, no screaming, or crying. She holds her brother's hand, holds her breath, and just does it.

We're happy to give her a break from the sensor when she wants it. But she always ends up wanting to wear it again. I'm thankful for that, especially the nights when it's beeping and catches a 37 at 2am. Or the days at school that she's 50 but had no clue except for her alarm going off.

Nothing makes this disease easier, but at least technology can give us a little more insight.

And it is very few and far between that diabetes actually breaks her spirit (see crazy kids below).

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