Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awesome Endo

Can I just say how much I love Leah's endocrinologist??

She called me tonight, on my cell phone, just to say hi. We drive 2 hours to see her for Leah's appointments, because there's no pediatric endocrinologist in this area. (crazy). She was going to be in the area tonight to give a lecture to doctors. She knew we lived close by, and just wanted us to know she was thinking about us and Leah. How crazy is that? I told her she is a parent's dream. :)

(I resisted the slight urge to drive the 15 minutes where she'd be speaking and wait outside so I could badger her with questions).

She'll call occasionally to discuss treatment, or answer research questions I've emailed her. She called herself last year to let me know Leah's labwork revealed hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. Even emailed me recently about an upcoming appointment location. All clearly things that she could pass off to other staff members.

Ironically, this is not the doctor Leah was diagnosed with. She was diagnosed at a completely different hospital, and we met all four endocrinologists and loved every one. But for our first follow up visit, we were set up with a nurse practitioner that was not quite our style, and were told we'd only see an endocrinologist once a year. Not exactly the perfect situation, but it was a really large hospital so I understood. However, a few months into it we just still weren't meshing with the NP.

Thankfully, after Leah's first summer at diabetes camp, we were given multiple recommendations to try her current endo, and immediately liked her. She's young, energetic, and knowledgeable. She is also someone Leah can relate to, shows compassion, and is extremely accessible. Even though she has switched hospitals since we've started seeing her and is now the head endocrinologist at a huge children's hospital, she is still calling me personally on the phone.

Everyone who cares for a child with Type 1 knows that the parents really become the "doctor." I laugh with other moms I know when we call our child's endo office and end up telling THEM what to do or change about our child's insulin needs. We know our child best, and living with this day to day becomes our whole life. But we still need to feel comfortable and confident with our doctor. There's always rough patches that you need help with, someone new to look at the numbers, advice on sick days, etc. So at those times I'm extremely grateful to work with a doctor that shows empathy for what our child goes through, and values our opinions as parents about the way we care for our child. The relationship we have with her is much more than just an A1C test every 3 months.

I'm so glad I listened to my gut a year and a half ago and made the switch. Leah needs someone like this as she grows and has her own questions, insecurities, and situations that she may not want to talk to us about.

Diabetes is SO hard, and it just makes me breathe a little easier to know we have an ally in fighting it.

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