Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sick Days

I remember being in the hospital when Leah was diagnosed and the diabetes educator briefly talking about "sick days". They handed us a pamphlet to read about it, explained that insulin needs increase when ill, and that we would probably need help with that. Mostly, I remember their faces getting a bit panic-stricken and stressing that we'd need to call them as soon as she was sick. That sort of confused me and I figured we'd cross that bridge when we got there. After this winter, I totally understand what they meant.

I like to think we take a pretty positive approach to the whole diabetes thing. But after a few sick days, it's hard not to be mad at the world.

This is Leah's fourth illness in less than 2 and a half months. It's just been that kind of year, I guess--every time I walk into her school it seems like at least 3 kids are puking in either the office, the cafeteria, or the hallways.

Sick days are bad enough for anybody, but with diabetes there's just so much other "stuff".

Throw in checking for ketones, extra blood sugar checks, and blood sugar staying up at 400 for a day and a half no matter how much insulin you throw at it. Add in injections, extra pump site changes, and changes to insulin doses that are hit or miss all day long. Then lay awake at night, while already sleep deprived, wondering if THIS will be the illness that sends us to the hospital. Try to balance extra insulin to eliminate ketones with extra food to keep her blood sugar high enough, only to watch it skyrocket uncontrollably just because she takes some Advil. Then there's Leah crying all night insisting she's low, because she feels so yucky, and me being so angry inside that she even has to try to differentiate between the two.

We'll get through, and she'll be sick many, many more times in her life. However, it would be nice to get at least a couple of months in a row with no illness.

This too shall pass. We'll go back to being our positive selves once we get a little sleep!

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  1. Hang in there Kelly, I didn't know the kids got sick again, Call me if you need to vent!