Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring break!

Spring Break starts at the end of the week, and I can't wait to go visit some great friends. I've started the daunting task of organizing supplies....

Traveling with diabetes just means you have to be a bit more organized. It always feels like I'm packing for a month long trip, even though we'll only be gone a few days. But we've got an eight hour car ride, and will not be in our normal environment, and I feel better going with way more than what we should need. Yes, there are 24 hour pharmacies that we can get things from (but they don't carry pump supplies). But when you need something, you NEED it right then and there.

So we've got a small bin stuffed with lots of test strips, lancets, extra insulin, glucagon and glucose gel, alcohol wipes, CGM sensors, site changes, syringes, extra glucose meter, batteries, etc. And a backpack that is a mini-version of that for when we're out and about. (there's also a bin stashed in the secret floor compartment of our car with some of the same stuff so I know it's there if we need it!)

Then there's food. We need to pack low carb, no carb, fast acting carbs, "regular" snacks....it's quite comical when you go through all the options. 

Of course, the goal as always is to enjoy living our lives and not let diabetes be in the way no matter where we are. So hopefully the more organized I am, the better that can happen.

Looking forward to a great week with my family!!

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