Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts...

For some reason, our deep diabetes discussions always seem to occur in the car on the way to school. Today Leah was talking about what to do for her birthday in May. She asked if they found a cure by then if we could just have a party for that instead of her birthday. I choked on my coffee and agreed that sounded like a good plan.

One thing lead to another and before we knew it she was contemplating why a cure is so hard to find. She understood it must be pretty tough since they don't even know why it happens in the first place, but she did say she was pretty sure she knew a way to cure it.

"I could just get the thing that works from someone who doesn't need it anymore, and then my body would work the right way again." Oh, if it was only that simple.

"Are you talking about getting a different pancreas put in your body?" I asked her.

"Yep. Why can't that work?" She replied.

I went on to stumble through an explanation about organ transplants and immuno-suppresant drugs, and that basically it's still safer to live relying on insulin injections than it is to get a new pancreas. Just too risky.

She seemed satisfied with that and we were on our way. A lot to swallow before 8:15am.

But what always gets me about these conversations is how matter of fact she is. I'm glad she knows the severity of her situation, and we just try to be honest without being scary. I think kids appreciate the truth, and can look at the world simply enough to handle it.

It's not really fair that these things are on her mind. Seriously, my 6 year old contemplating a pancreas transplant? I'd rather she was worried about what's going on at recess that day or what's for lunch. But, hopefully letting out all these crazy thoughts lets her talk through it and feel better.

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