Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T-Ball Time!!

Lukas' first t-ball game last night! It was entertaining to say the least. 

He was more than ready and after incessant questions about it all day I'm pretty sure he was expecting an all night event with tv cameras and a huge crowd. 

They started with a half hour of playing catch and taking turns at batting practice. He was pretty excited to see a few friends he knew on his team. Then they played a "game" for a half hour...that was the really entertaining part. 

Some of our favorite Lukas quotes from last night...

In the car on the way to the game "This is the first day of my life!!"

After colliding with one of his friends chasing after a ball, he patted his friend on the back and said "It doesn't hurt!" 

In the huddle after the game his coach asked if they liked it and he yelled "That was AWESOME!"

In the car on the way home..."I'm never quitting t-ball!" (A reference to his sister's less-than-positive experience with the sport).

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