Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Parts! (and fellow D-Moms)

So our bright, shiny new transmitter arrived yesterday, and I got Leah hooked back up right before the babysitter arrived last night. It was nice to have the extra piece of mind while I was gone for a few hours, and so much easier to call and just ask "What's your number?" every once in awhile.

She had a stubborn night though....up every two hours for high corrections. Weird, because her dinner was totally normal, and no matter how many corrections she got she would not budge from 250. Glad it wasn't any higher, but just annoying that it stayed that way for 8 hours. Site issue? Growth spurt? You never know.

So we did a site change this morning just in case and hopefully her day will be better.

On a brighter note, the babysitter situation went good, and the reason I had a sitter in the first place was so I could go to my D-moms meeting. (We call it a meeting to make it sound official...really it's just drinks and commiserating!) I am so grateful for the other moms I've met. It's unfortunate that there's so many kids living with Type 1 in our small community, but I'm so happy to have other moms to share this with. There's just no way to fully explain to other people what our kids go through, or what we go through as parents dealing with to know some other parents who truly "get it" is beyond helpful. We complain about the struggles, laugh about the things we can't control, and remind each other we're doing a great job at battling this crazy disease. It's refreshing and I look forward to it every single time. It's not easy being someone's pancreas, and I admire these women for the job they do!

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