Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roller Coaster

I'm a little apprehensive about school today. It was close to 90 all weekend, and playing outside in the heat drives blood sugar down FAST. Leah's insulin needs were all over the board this weekend, and the poor kid has HAD IT with juice and glucose tabs. And if I hear one more low alarm I might totally lose it.

All you can do is try to predict what's going to happen from experience, but it never goes quite as you think it will. Summer time changes things...Should we cut back on basal or bolus? Bolus for missed insulin when the pump is unhooked? Correct high blood sugar or will increased activity bring it down?

The first hot day we started off by cutting her  basal in half so she wasn't getting as much insulin as usual. But then it started raining and forced us inside and the lack of insulin shot her up to 300.

When it cleared up we went back outside and because of a correction or insulin on board she was running around and low again before we knew it. (We had smores that night, which was helpful since she was at 60 when eating it....until we saw 425 two hours later. Marshmallows are evil).

The next day was hot and sunny and they were playing with water outside so we unhooked the pump. She was low at lunchtime, so had hardly any insulin, and half the day was fine. But then two hours later after being indoors for awhile she was back up to 350.

Of course, correcting that 350 backfired once again. It resulted in a 46...a screaming, hysterical, horrible low that took two juice boxes and a snack to correct until she was up to 250 at dinner and right back down to 80 an hour later (after only getting half the bolus she normally would).

It's funny how all of this happens even with a pump, a continuous glucose monitor, and constant checking to try to stay on top of it. The diabetes roller coaster is not a fun ride to be on. And of course we have highs and lows most days...it's just even worse when you throw in a new variable like the heat.

It's times like these that I just think, "Why couldn't I be the one with diabetes?" I could at least force myself to eat differently, or not let myself run around like a banshee in the backyard at a particular time. But 7 year olds deserve to eat normal dinners and play in a pool, and run around the block with their friends.

So what about today? It's supposed to be 92 and they have 3 outside recesses. But in between she's sitting in her classroom. I want to avoid lows at all costs, so I think I'll have to be ultra conservative and cut back on all basal and bolus ratios and see what happens every few hours. Luckily her school is awesome and they know there are some days that will just be really tough and I'll be talking to them a lot. I want her to enjoy her day and not be stuck in the office and dealing with this.

If she is forced to have one more juice box it might be melt down city.

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