Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snacks, and heat, and insulin, yikes!

I swear sometimes the office staff at Leah's school must think I'm nuts.

It's the end of the school year, so that means different schedules at school while they do all kinds of activities. Plant day, field day, picnic day, etc..... So once or twice a day lately there's a phone call from school about snacks and treats and everything in between.

The staff is awesome--I can't say enough about how well they handle the kids with diabetes at her school. And luckily, they understand how crazy it is to manage and they laugh with me on the really crazy days.

It's not that I mind her having a snack, but I'm sure sometimes I just sound like an idiot when I'm thinking on the fly...

Staff: "Hi Kelly, Leah's about to have two cups of popcorns for a snack."

Me: "Okay, popcorn is tricky because if I give her the full insulin amount she usually goes low. And they will be going out for recess first? And what's her number?"

Staff: "They already had recess. Eating now. She's at 168."

Me: "Okay, let her just eat it and check in a half hour at her normal check time. Oh wait, that's too long. Let's cut the carb count in half and see what happens."

Staff: "So give her insulin before she eats it?"

Me: "Yes. Oh wait, give her insulin for 5 carbs and then check her after she's done eating. Oh wait, maybe she won't eat it all. Give her insulin after you see what she eats. If she eats it all give her 5 carbs."


Normally, we'd just count the carbs and give her insulin before she eats something. But it's been 85 degrees here for the past two days, and going out in the heat to play can cause lower blood sugar. Last summer I swear I needed to give her a juice box the minute we walked out the door. And of course, the activity-induced lows can be delayed, not always right away. So giving insulin on top of that can be bad. (And the poor kid is so sick of juice--I need to be less aggressive now that the weather is changing).

But, there's no way to predict all this of course. I could very well have underestimated and be dealing with high blood sugar when she gets home.

It's a guessing game and balancing act to say the least!

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  1. I don't know how you do it, but you do. You d'moms are amazing!