Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We have come to rely on the CGM so much. We were gone for a few days this past weekend, and Leah wanted a break from it, so of course we gave that to her. I don't blame her at all for wanting a few days without an extra "thing" sticking out of her body, and it's always nice to let her skin heal a little.

On the flip side, traveling always makes diabetes extra crazy, so I hate not having the sensor in for long car rides, eating out and weird schedules. It's just so strange to do a finger prick and not know which direction that blood glucose number is headed when you're used to always knowing. But we actually had a decent couple of days.

But now, I think our transmitter is going haywire and we probably need a new one. The last few weeks we've noticed it doesn't keep a charge as well as it used to. Normally we would fully charge it before each new sensor insertion and get at least 7 days out of it before we had to recharge and insert a new sensor. Any longer than 7-10 days and it will start to go wacky and tell you weird numbers that are way off and don't make any sense, or just lose the signal and stop working completely. Now it seems to be going wacky after 5 days or so. And today we're only on day 3, and it's lost signal completely twice.

Of course, at dinner time tonight was one of the times it had lost signal and reset itself to warm up mode, meaning it doesn't show a blood glucose number. So we did a finger poke and she was at 95. Great! She ate her meal, I bolused her for 40 carbs, and we're all set. Except.....5 minutes later she's shaky and saying "LOW, LOW, LOW, LOW..." over and over.

Finger prick reveals....63. Oh good, so glad we have all that insulin on board from dinner! Hoping the juice box will kick in and the rest of the food right after. Ugh.

Again, had the CGM been working I'd probably wait out that 95 a little longer before I gave any more insulin, because it would have shown a fast downward trend or even down arrows.

So I called Medtronic and after first telling me that it could be cell phone interference (huh?) they gave me a number to call tomorrow to see if my insurance will cover a new transmitter (fingers crossed)!

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