Friday, June 17, 2011

Diabetes Buddies

We've had a friend of Leah's over all this week who needed a place to go while his babysitter was on vacation. He's a cute 7 year old we've gotten to know over the past year or so, and also has diabetes. They were even in the same class this year.

Cute things overheard between the two of them throughout the week....

While on the swings together and bolusing on their pump for the popsicle they just ate...
"Cool! How much did it give YOU?"

Discussing fast acting carbohydrates....
"Chalk would taste bad if you ate it."
"Glucose tabs taste kind of like chalk. But they're yummy!"

Swapping hospital stories... (yes, kind of sad but hopefully therapeutic!)
"Being in the hospital wasn't too bad....I had an IV."
"Me too!!"

"I got this stuffed animal while I was there."
"I got one too!"

Checking blood sugar before lunch, when one kid was 154 and one was 161....
"Hey we're almost the same number!!"

I think it's good for both of them to hang out and see another kid doing all the diabetes stuff they have to do. They test at the same time, discuss their favorite pump site locations, compare their favorite freebie snacks, and both wear cool camo SPIbelts. It's not fair they both got a bum pancreas, but I'm thankful they've gotten to know each other and don't feel so alone.

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