Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello, Summer!!

It was leah's last day of first grade! Leah and Lukas are super excited to get the summer started and have all kinds of fun together. Her school year was fantastic--I really can't say enough about how great her school is  (academically, socially, and in the care she receives for D) and what a wonderful teacher she had.

They were of course sent home with tons of stuff in their backpacks today, and one of my favorites was their "All About Me" biographies.  In the Interesting Fact Section it reads...

"I have diabetes. It does not stop me from anything I want to do."

Awesome! And complete with cute drawing of her trusty insulin pump.... :)


  1. Thanks, Shannon. I thought the 122 was cute too--glad it didn't say 322!. :)