Saturday, July 23, 2011

15 miles

80 degrees at 5am with 80% humidity.
Not a good thing when 2 miles into a 15 mile run I'd really like to quit. Pretty sure I've never sweat so much in my life.
It's runs like these when I have to really find some mental motivation to keep going. It can be tough when it's nothing but me and my thoughts for 2-3 hours of pounding the pavement. But usually my thoughts end up turning to Leah, and the things she faces on a daily basis.
Last weekend, after playing outside in the heat and being disconnected from her pump for awhile we got a "high--over 600" reading on her meter. She didn't feel good and fought me pretty hard as I had to jab the syringe in her arm, followed by a site change, a check for ketones and a tummy ache.
A few weeks ago we had a bad sensor insertion (a horribly large dagger-like needle) that didn't go in all the way and was left half-in and half-out as she stood screaming until we could pull it out and fix it.
The nasty rashes she seems to be getting from adhesives and bubbles of insulin pooling under her skin this summer. Her reaction being "Mom, this is grossing me out."
All the fun behind-the-scenes stuff no one sees or knows she endures.
So all in all, when my knees are aching and my mind keeps telling me to stop, I need to remember that it's temporary, that I'll reach the finish. Diabetes will still be around for Leah everyday. She doesn't get to quit, so I'll try not to either.
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