Thursday, July 14, 2011

How low can you go

"Mom, I don't feel good."
Leah popped her head out of the water during swimming lessons to let me know she was feeling low.
3...2...1...and the meter read 35.
It's those moments that I feel like I can't get the juice box open fast enough, that a few seconds takes what seems like an hour as your heart drops to your stomach.
A juice box and glucose tab later, she wanted to get right back in and swim. Every time she went under water and took longer than the other kids to come up I felt sick to my stomach.
Its times like this I think...what if she hadn't felt it? How low can you possibly go without a horrible outcome?
I hope we never know the answers to those questions. I hope we can catch them every time before that ever happens. I hope someone cures this stupid disease.


  1. i hope i hope i hope, right along with you. so scary. i watch my daughter on the soccer field, even when she doesn't have the ball, just to make sure she looks "ok". i'm just glad she is pretty good at feeling her lows, as it seems leah is as well.

  2. Jesus! Scary low. Thank God she felt it and told you. Never a dull moment.