Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Up All Night

It was a multiple juice box kind of night.

CGM low alarm constantly ringing, fumbling in the dark for test strips. Suspending the pump for hours to ensure the number would finally go up.

This is kind of how our summer has been...very unpredictable and not making sense, no real patterns because of the varied activity, weather, and foods. I'm looking forward to the routine of going back to school.

When we were up for the day I saw this on facebook, and it totally hit home. It describes the need for approval of technology that's already developed but not in use in the US, like the Medtronic Veo. Having a pump that would shut off during hypoglycemic events, especially in the middle of the night, would be peace of mind times 10. At the very least I would know insulin delivery would stop if it took me 20 minutes to hear her Low Predicted alarm--which happens from time to time since the alarms are not at all loud enough.

And that's of course only the beginning....there's multiple pumps, CGM home screens, and new sensor insertion devices (just to name a few) that we've all been told are just "awaiting approval."

Of course, in the meantime we just have to make the most of the tools we have, and be grateful for the many strides technology has made in managing diabetes. No new product will make type 1 diabetes go away, or even make it easy. But helping avoid the more dangerous situations would be nice.

I'm tired today, and a little bitter that our kids have to wait for this stuff, knowing it could be better.

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