Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school!

Second grade started today. Sigh. Where does the time go??

Leah was super excited, although she usually has some anxiety about diabetes stuff as a new school year rolls around. New schedule, when to test blood sugar, how to get to lunch on time with her friends....stuff I really wish she didn't have to think about and could just enjoy her day!

She's surprised me a little this year in that she's much more vocal about how her schedule being disrupted makes her feel. When I told her she'd have to go to the office at 1:45 every day to test at the tail end of recess, she pretty much told me a sort of nice way. It's more important to her to stay with her class through recess, go back inside with everyone, and then test on the way back through. A very slight change, but one I can live with and totally respect. We're also treating lows in the classroom this year, which she was super excited about. 

I don't want diabetes to disrupt her day any more than she does, so compromises are fine by me as long as we're not compromising her care. I'm proud she's speaking up and taking a little more initiative to feel more comfortable. I know we'll have good and bad days like we always do, but remaining positive and keeping her involved will hopefully help when diabetes rears its ugly head.

Her summary of her first day? "I had so much fun I forgot I even had diabetes!!"

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  1. sounds like she's growing more independent at her own pace, as it should be! my 6th grader also hates missing out on class time to go to the nurse (unless it's a class she doesn't care for, natch), i LOVE her summary! :)