Friday, August 5, 2011

Yoga, Art, and Dancing, Oh My!!

Leah had been counting the days until her Yoga, Art, and Dance camp started, because according to her..."those are my 3 favorite things in the whole world!" She's a tad bit girly.

Day one rolled around and she had a great time. As I dropped her off (it's a three hour camp and I was staying close by to handle blood sugar issues) I sort of explained a few things to the bewildered-looking instructors. I really didn't say much, actually, other than "here's my phone number, call me if she's beeping." I left a juice box just in case, but knew I could be there in  minute if they needed me.

Of course, less than an hour into things she was beeping. It had to be right in the middle of the yoga portion too--you know, when a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds are supposed to be meditating. They called me, I corrected the 250 blood sugar, and popped back in for snack time a little while later.

Day two rolls around. Same exact breakfast. Same exact scenario. However, when they called and said "She's beeping," (at roughly the same time) I tested and she was....50. Ahh, thanks diabetes for never working the same way twice.

The rest of the week she was consistently low mid-morning no matter what changes I made, so we'll keep working at it. It's a nice reminder for what's to come as school rolls around in the next few weeks. The nerves, the new schedule, the changes day to day.

Maybe we'll just try her new yoga meditation to calm those blood sugars right down... :)


  1. Let's not give the misinformed any ideas. Yoga can cure diabetes! Beeping during meditation gave me a laugh. Thanks!

  2. Ah yes, I probably should have phrased it as "I WISH her new yoga meditation could calm those blood sugars down...." Not that there's really many misinformed people out there that would take something the wrong way. That would never happen.