Monday, September 19, 2011


So the "physical education" newsletter came home a few days ago. 

I appreciate the fact that schools are trying to educate our kids about a healthy lifestyle. I can even look past the irony that while sending home information about "trans fats" and "obesity," they are still serving fried corn dogs in the cafeteria most days.

But by putting DIABETES into the same category as OBESITY and TRANS FATS (with no further explanation), it's pretty much going to send out a message that diabetes just means BAD.

The kids this went home to are in second grade. There are 3 kids with Type 1 diabetes in Leah's school, and I'm pretty sure most kids (and parents) don't know much about diabetes except that they might have a friend who "has it" and goes to the office to prick their finger every once in awhile. They already have enough kids telling them "You can't eat that!" and "You ate too much sugar and now you're diabetic?", that I really don't think we need to add fuel to the fire. 

I brought these things to the teacher's attention, and after a few emails from myself and another parent, they clearly seemed more interested in defending themselves than in seeing our point. Educating people on diabetes gets tiresome, especially when they prefer not to listen.

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  1. And maybe our words to know in P.E. should consist of: Activities- running, biking, dancing, gymantics. Healthy choices or even examples of the healthy choices. Seems to be teaching our kids (when the school wants their character to count) to single any given child out. Whether diabetic or obese at 8 yrs old, I don't believe most food choices are up to that child. So unless they are going to explain in detail what obese or diabetic means, maybe there are some better words to learn for P.E.