Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season

So cracking open the emergency glucagon kit for the first time is definitely not a good feeling.

Thankfully, it wasn't because leah was unconscious...but a nasty stomach bug, ketones, and blood sugars well below 80 left us no other option.

After a day of trying to force any kind of sugar down her throat and just hoping it would stay down, her doctor recommended zofran and mini-glucagon doses to keep us from heading to the ER. Luckily, it worked... The zofran stopped the puking, she needed the glucagon about every two hours through the night which raised her just enough so I could keep bolusing insulin to get rid of ketones (yay me for finally remembering to get a blood ketone meter!), and it bought us time til morning.

But when the puking started again the next night, I figured we were headed to the hospital for sure. Luckily, zofran helped her keep some juice down, we made it through one more night, and finally today has been good.

A nice reminder of the fun that winter and flu season brings. It's funny what becomes your reality--staring at the glucagon, syringes, empty juice boxes, making 3am phone calls to the just kind of go into autopilot, do what you need to do, and hope beyond hope you're making all the right decisions.

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