Wednesday, January 4, 2012

mySentry...what I've been waiting for!!

When Leah was diagnosed, we were told about this cool new technology that pretty soon "everyone would be offering"....a way to monitor your child's blood sugar remotely in your house through a system of screens or plug-ins that communicate wirelessly. When we started using the Minimed Revel CGM system, we were once again assured this technology was available and just awaiting FDA approval.

So imagine my excitement this morning when I saw a link to THIS....

That's right! Finally, a way to view Leah's blood sugar at night right by my bedside. It will alert us, tell us what attention her pump needs, and give us a little more peace of mind. After too many nights of scary lows, or highs that need immediate attention and not being able to hear her alarm in time, I'm so happy I could cry!

And of course this means we'd be able to take the silly sound system/microphone setup out of her room and let her be a normal kid. That might be the most important part. Not to mention if this truly is as easy to use as the video makes it seem, we could even take it other places and she can sleep in a different room without us waking up to check during the night or worrying that we're not hearing an alarm.

I've already called Medtronic, and let's just say we can add this to the list of pricey medical equipment that we'd own (and this one may or may not be covered by insurance). But considering the quality of life improvement this could mean, it should be well worth it.

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