Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Camper

February 1st is always the first official day of registration for ADA Diabetes Camps. Leah has gone to a day camp the last three years and absolutely loves it, so I fully expected to be doing the same this year.

Last year in her Camp Can-Do decorated t-shirt

Imagine my surprise when last weekend she confidently announced "I think I'll go to overnight camp this year!"

While my heart started racing uncontrollably and my thoughts went immediately to total panic, I of course smiled and told her I thought it was a great idea!

And I DO think it's a wonderful just surprised me, as we had discussed it earlier in the year and her response was much different. Leah is responsible, a rule-follower, and wise beyond her years (largely due unfortunately to diabetes). But she's also quiet, a little shy, and not usually the first one in the room to speak up. So the fact that she feels comfortable to be away from us for 5 nights is, in my mind, a huge, important step for her. It also speaks volumes about her experience at diabetes camp in the previous years.

I am also confident in her safety, as I've seen the camp process and been able to view their organization and level at which they run. I am grateful that as her friends begin to talk about sleepovers and overnight camps of their own, that she has a safe, fun environment for her to fully enjoy the camp experience as well. I will admit I had mixed feelings as I hit the "submit" button this afternoon, because as much as I want her to do this, it is hard to think about letting go for a whole week when I'm used to being a 24 hour pancreas. It will be good for both of us.

I wanted her to be prepared for being on her own, and reminded her that once we sign up, there's no turning back. She'll be on her own for 5 days. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "Mom, I won't be alone. I will make new friends, and I'm good at that....expecially when they're just like me!"

Well said.

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