Monday, April 30, 2012


I love this picture.

April 30, 2009.

Not because of the circumstances. We had just been seen in the ER and were waiting for a room at a children's hospital after just learning our child did indeed have Type 1 diabetes. 

What I love is her smile. Her innocence, and her trust in us as she so patiently waited and listened and put up with so much. The way the life came back to her eyes after that first shot of insulin, how she could eat and enjoy it and finally just FEEL better after weeks of what we didn't know was diabetes slowly taking her from us.

I remember all those moments, the symptoms that finally made sense, the realizations and shock, the scary feeling of bringing her home after a crash course in all-things-diabetes. The reality that a new life was starting, one far different from what we had known up to that point.

When this day rolls around each year I think of Leah in all those little moments and how she handled things. Her bravery, her composure, and that smile. Three years of living with diabetes is tough, and she's got a lot more ahead of her. We'll help each other, and she'll keep teaching us just as much as we teach her.


  1. i remember experiencing very similar emotions when my daughter was in the ER and had her first dose of insulin, along with some chili cheese dogs from the cafeteria. happy diaversary!

  2. Fantastic smile! Brave, brave kid.