Friday, May 25, 2012


As a kid, you always remember the times you get to stay up past your bedtime. Whatever the reason--maybe a family party, maybe fireworks on the 4th of July-- there's plenty of times I can picture our whole family being in the car on the way home after dark, and being in that half-asleep, half-awake state. I could always tell we were almost home when the turns started to feel familiar....the path that led us into our driveway and the faint sound of the garage door going up. It was always so comforting to be sleepy and know you were about to be in your own bed at home.

We went to the drive-in tonight, a fun spur-of-the-moment event that made it really feel like summer. It was a beautiful night, with a wonderful breeze after the sun went down, and we sprawled out in the back of the minivan without a care in the world. The kids were thrilled with it all, especially staying up past their normal bedtime, and I was thrilled by the one-on-one conversations we had as we waited for the movie to start. The little things are the big things.

It's Summer!

On our way home the kids were almost asleep as we got into town and started the familiar turns that led to our house. I wondered if they could tell we were almost home just by the feel of it, if that path now feels familiar and comforting to them. I hope our home and our family always give them the security they need.

Parenting may not alway be easy, as life can throw quite a few curveballs your way. There's plenty of days the lack of a working pancreas around here and the normal kid-drama seems overwhelming to say the least. But no matter what else life gives us, all is right with the world if our little family is okay. They are my home.