Monday, July 9, 2012

Drop Off Day

It's a little too quiet in this house this morning.

Last night was the first night Leah had been away from home without my husband or I since her diagnosis three and a half years ago. She's at Diabetes Camp for the week, hopefully having the time of her life!

All packed up and ready to go!

To say it was a bit hard for me to drop her off is a bit of an understatement...despite her excitement and countdown leading up to the big day, I'll admit I was apprehensive about not seeing her for 5 days and about handing over her care to someone else.

Nothing can really prepare you for the way type 1 diabetes changes your life with your child. Their disease becomes your primary concern, you always have to know where they are, what they're doing, and how all of that may affect their blood sugar and safety. There are no more easy drop-offs, and every situation has to have a "plan." Getting up a few times a night to check on your child becomes second nature, and you forget that most of the world around you sleeps through the night. All of these things are not done out of paranoia, or overprotectiveness, but necessity. Your child's health and life depend on the care you give them.

To walk into camp and relinquish that care to total strangers is not an easy thing to do. However, I will say that the staff at Camp Granada yesterday made it easier than anticipated. The counselors, nurses, and dietitians in Leah's cabin were awesome--young, friendly, detail-oriented, and they put most of my concerns to rest. I love that she'll not only be surrounded by other kids with type 1 all week, but by counselors and staff who are great role models for living with diabetes as well. Of course I knew going into it that camp HAS to be extremely organized, but to see it and go through the check-in process made it easier.

Leah had a few tears when we left, which I fully expected. I'm confident she's having a great time...but I'll admit I woke up a few times throughout the night hoping she was fast asleep and safe and sound. I think anyone with a child with type 1 diabetes would say they're not quite the same person they were before their child's diagnosis...our lives and our mindset are forced to change, and getting used to a week without it around is an adjustment.

I'm so proud of Leah for taking this huge step, and I can hardly wait until Friday to find out all about her experience! In the meantime, I'l try to enjoy the sleep and the freedom for a few days, and be confident that she's in great hands.

She goes through so much and deserves a week to be a carefree kid without us around!!