Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School Days

"Mom, did you see how my writing in my assignment notebook was really light? That's because I was low and it's really hard to focus on the pencil when I'm low."

She was 52 that afternoon when she called.

It's hard to imagine what a low feels like, and I've often asked her to describe it.

Imagine going about your daily business, and all of a sudden not being able to see the page in front of you. Or hear what people are saying, but not really be able to hear it. Sort of a tired, fuzzy, "yucky" confusion is the best I can describe from what she says.

We've had way too many of these episodes since school has started. Of course, any change in schedule always results in craziness for blood sugars. Then factor in three recesses, PE a few times a week, 90 degree heat, a late summer cold, etc.....all of which lead to absolute chaos on blood sugars.

Her school has been great, and she's handled a new classroom really well. Its just constant, and I wish she didn't have to be interrupted so many times throughout her day. We'll keep at it in the hopes to make her day as smooth as possible. I think of how far we've come from her diagnosis in preschool, and she's handling the responsibility and new situations so well. A new school year is always stressful and a bit overwhelming, but eventually the new routine settles in and the worry starts to fade here and there.

Leah has a friend with type 1 in her class as well, and her teacher remarked today about "how well these kids handle this," as she watched them prick their fingers and bolus for their lunch.  I always love the irony of that statement. They of course have no choice, and really know nothing different. And inside, you have no idea how they're "handling" it all. We have to make it look easy, and effortless, because there is no other option.

Third grade!!